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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Ladies: Seven (7) Important things that please a man in a relationship

A woman who is dying to please her man makes all the difference in the world. 


 One of the main reasons people enter into a relationship is to meet their emotional needs, and if you don't give your husband what he needs, you still have things to do. 

Here are 7 things that can please a man in a relationship. 

 1. If you are submissive to him. 

 A man needs a lady who respects him from the bottom of her heart to couple. Whatever your opinion on this relationship should be delineated and described to avoid misunderstandings, which can lead to suspicion in a relationship. 


 2. If you obey him. 


 A man needs a woman who obeys him at all times and is ready to be corrected by him without harsh words and who also pays attention to the correction. 




 3. If You Are Honest with Him. 


 A woman needs to be honest with her husband so that he remains indebted to her and ready to share anything with her partner to keep him satisfied and always loyal to him be. 

 4. If You Are Presentable. 

 If you want to please your husband, you need to make yourself presentable through both proper clothing and behaviour. When a woman dresses perfectly, her husband is proud of her and this, in turn, helps to strengthen their bond. 


 5. When you take care of him. 


 A man needs a woman who takes care of him and is always there for him in difficult moments. She needs to be able to do household chores in addition to washing clothes. As a woman, you should approve of your man's clothes as it will give him confidence while walking and even talking to his friends in public. 

 6. If They Are Responsible. 

 A man will feel satisfied in a relationship where his wife is responsible and diligent in her work. A woman who can defend her family without abandoning her. a woman of such character will be more proud of her. 


 7. If you are convincing. 

 A man needs a woman with convincing language that can convince and make him happy, as long as she has words of greeting for her husband and the people who come to her home, for example when her husband comes. Back from work, she greets him with sweet words and a hug. 

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