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Wedding planning scene

Is Romeo going to allow the wedding to continue? See here

Everything is ready, the guests are there waiting for the bride to say I do, the bride is ready to exchange vows with the broom but where is the broom? That is the challenge Grace is going to face on her wedding day.We all know that Romeo is very smart but this time he failed. He tried by all means to separate Simo and his mother but his plans were unsuccessful, all his efforts seem to have pushed Grace even more close to Simo.

Romeo could not stop the happiness, love and relationship up to an extent where Grace finally agreed to marry Simo who's Romeo's half brother.What is going to happen on the wedding? Will Violeta and Romeo allow it to continue? That's the questions in every viewers mind. Apparently Simo will keep the bride and guests waiting and he will be nowhere to be found. People try to call but he doesn't answer, he is not there on his room.We don't know what happened to him but let's hope that Romeo has nothing to do with his disappearance because if he's involved, his mother will find out and disinherit him.

Do you think Mamba got him before he could tie a knot with Grace?

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