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9 best position for cuddling, please do not ignore


Cuddling is one of the simple pleasures of being in a relationship, and there are a variety of cuddling positions to choose from. The physical act of cuddling, according to couples therapist Lexx Brown-James, Ph.D., LMFT, can be used to initiate or maintain sex, or it can be used as an opportunity for couples to bond. This is because the release of hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, which create feelings of closeness, is triggered by cuddling.

What's more, these positions are excellent for couples based on their relationship stage, aspirations, and circumstances.

The two of them are holding hands.

Relax and hold hands as you both sit or stand next to one another.

When you hold hands with a loved one, it may be both innocent and personal all at once. Simply releasing your grasp and reaching for a glass of water or something in your pocket will also allow you to escape. As a professional cuddlist Kassandra Brown tells mbg, "the crucial aspect of new relationship cuddling postures is the choice of proximity with an optional option of generating greater space, without making a big problem out of it."

In this position, they are facing each other and sitting close to each other.

Make eye contact and sit adjacent to each other. A hand on the knee, an arm across the shoulders, or even a head on the shoulder are all acceptable options.

According to Shayla Tumbling, a sexuality and emotional empowerment coach, this posture promotes a feeling of solidity and connection between partners. Although it might be soothing, reassuring, and intimate, it still allows you to express your own uniqueness."

lying on your lap with their head propped up on you

Crouch on the couch or the floor in a crisscross stance. When your partner is lying down and resting their head on your lap, gently stroke their hair.

When the hand caresses the hair, Tumbling claims, it can offer a sense of security that can lead to a greater sense of intimacy.. "This position can create a sense of ease, relaxation, and security," she says.

While seated, hugging

With your hips and outer thighs touching, sit side by side facing each other and hug.

Sitting embraces, according to Brown, are more comfortable and lasting. In addition, they help eliminate the disparity in height between men and women.

Position of the lounge chair

6. Putting your head on their chest and snoozing

Position 7 is the Yin-Yang

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