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Husband and wife relationship

Mnakwethu: Here's What People Noticed, That Got Them Talking And Tweeting

Makhosi is the first wife, she has been through a lot. She found out about the lobola her husband paid behind her back, her in-laws did not even inform her. It was painful to watch a woman go through such heartbreak, she was even disrespected by the woman that is allegedly the second wife.When Makhosi's husband was asked why does he want polygamy, all he said was "in case he is having an argument/fight with his first wife, he can go spend time with his second wife. MaVilakazi is not having it, she is a slay queen even in the village.

She loves looking beautiful even when she knows she will be helping with house chores, she looks like she easily gets tired. When she heard about women that carry buckets on their heads, to fetch water in the river. She clearly said that is too much, if she would do that, she would faint on her way there.Viewers love MaShelembe, they love her mostly because she can put MaSithole in her place. It may seem as though MaVilakazi knows her worth, she is not willing to settle for a person that does not respect her worth.She does not look like she would love to help women in the village, with fetching water or cooking outside. People noticed that MaVilakazi is a real slay queen, you could tell from the fact that she had her make-up done, wig on and nails done.

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MaVilakazi Makhosi


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