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Never take your girlfriend to the club if you want to have a good time

women are dangerous and different creatures, a woman can be your best friend at one moment and they can be gunning to destroy you the next.

Women are the most unpredictable people on the face of this earth and till today they still haven't been figured out at all.

A woman can be soft and gentle as a kitten with its soft fur and attention seeking but they can be your worse nightmare in just a matter of seconds.

Never take your girlfriend to a club with you because they will destroy your whole night, they will be up in the club acting like babies.

Please open this for me, please do that for me and please here and there, they will be making sure that they be marking their territory up in there whilst you don't even notice.

They will make sure to keep you so close that other girls will even be so afraid to come up and talk to you but then when you get home they no longer interested in you.

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