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A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After She Went To #LenyaloLethata And This Is What Was Revealed

A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After She Went To #lenyalolethata And This Is What Was Revealed

Source: MojaLoveTv channel 147 dstv twotter page

Source: Hashtag #lenyalolethata Twitter page

She called #lenyalolethata because her wife kept their marriage a secret - her family doesn't know she got married. I give it to Ntathe Thuso. He is good at counseling people in marriage. Ntate Thuso believes in Marriage so much even if naye uyabona uguthi the situation is bad, he never considers breaking up. Imagine being married and not being introduced to the wife/husband's family. Females already have drama imagine getting married to one another, disaster.

I have to agree with ntate Thuso there... marriage without the blessing of the elders is something else. Without the consent of parents (family) it will never go well. This why I hate this go and sign business instead of going through the lobola rituals. Half the time it has nothing to do with saving costs.

Sometimes we become what the other person cannot recognize because of how our partners treat us I feel her pain she's even on antidepressants. This lady has unresolved issues and Lizzy is uncomfortable in this relationship. Lizzy is very calm and this lady ena is very emotional and its making her look like she is pushy or desperate. Lizzy ke skelm, i think the marriage thing came from her, now o sharp ka this lady. Mara Lizzy oselfish, you can't expect your partner to be the same person you met 5yrs ago.

Elizabeth just missed seeing Tshidiso...athe chemistry was so strong between them, they love each other and she realized she made a mistake by leaving her house.

Lizzy is just waiting for her to get a job and she is leaving...I think this lady was financing this relationship when she was working..Lizzy is used to be taken care of, not yena supporting her.

She bought her own ring, she's not the only one a lot of ladies do this, even pay lobola for themselves. I feel like the problem is finance here, i think Lizzy is burdened by both her spouse snd children's support. I personally think Liza has not dealt the her childhood trauma and the abuse from her past relationship. She hadn't healed. True and the wife wants to control the finances. True and I think the wife hasn't healed from her sexual assault. This abuse n insult is a way of healing n releasing the pain.

Unemployed people always find it difficult to leave toxic relationships because in most cases they are financially dependent on their abusers. It’s so frustrating. More jobs please, our mental health depends on it.

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