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Ladies, Don't Do These Things To Your Boyfriends, Especially Number 3 Is Very Important

Ladies, if a man says he loves you, he has automatically handed over his life to you because you can determine either he lives or dies. I say you determine either he lives or dies because you have the power to make him die. 

So, no matter what happens between the two of you, don't decide to end his life by the things you do. Don't try to do some things just to get at him because he offended you.

In this article, I will be telling you about some things that you may consider as a way to make your boyfriend payback for his wrongdoings that may end his life. Don't ever try to do the things to your boyfriend that I will be mentioning below.

1. Ladies, no matter what happens between you and your lover, don't ever try to poison his food because he offended you. He may die because of the food poisoning that you did. If you have a problem with your lover, try to resolve it, and if it cannot be resolved between the two of you, inform his family or friends to intervene.

2. Ladies, if you don't want your boyfriend to die, don't ever try to spoil his car or bike brakes. Some ladies may do these as a punishment, but that can end his life when he gets involved in an accident. 

If he has an accident, he may not survive, and that makes you a murderer. Be careful about the decisions you take in the process of punishing your lover.

3. Ladies, if you want your boyfriend to have a long life, don't ever try to test his love for you by sending your friend to tempt him. Eventually, when he falls for the temptation and later finds out it is a trap, he may fall into depression and later commit suicide.

4. Finally, if you don't want your boyfriend to die young, don't make the mistake of hitting him hard on his head during an argument. This may end his life because the head is a very sensitive part of the human body. 

So take note of these things and don't do them if you don't want to be a murderer. When you have issues with your lover, resolve them peacefully, don't take violent means to solve problems in your relationship.

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