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Lady Showed A Picture Of A Dress Bought By Her Husband But The Price Left People Speechless

Date : 20 October 2021

Nothing is as beautiful as having someone who loves you wholeheartedly and would do anything to make you happy. Experiencing love is one of the priceless things in life and it is advisable for one to fall in love if ever they get a chance. It's not good to miss out on the opportunity of being inlove and having someone that you can celebrate milestones. Someone whom you will you will create memories and live a happy life. That is what love is all about.

Today let's get to engage more about the picture that has been doing rounds on social media. This follows the lady by the name of Thami who posted a picture of herself wearing a nice long dress that looked stunning on her. What made people happy is that she revealed that she got the dress from husband. How wonderful it is to have a partner who knows what you love and your fashion sense.

Whateft people talking is the price of the dress when she said that her dress costed seventy million rands. How senseless that it. What kind of clothing item can cost seventy million rands.It does not really make sense yes because the price is too much for the dress that her husband bought for her. Yes it's nice that the dress was bought by her husband but did it really cost seventy million rands.

People were left in shock and speechless as they try to understand how it is possible for her dress to cost seventy millions rands. This really looks highly impossible. Masses are saying that she is lying and there is no way her dress can cost seventy million rands. Judging from the picture how much do you think the dress costed? You can share your views and also follow for more interesting news updates.

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