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5 Key Elements That Lasting Relationships Must Have

We've all heard about the couple whose split surprised us, and we've also heard about the marriage that is still going strong despite everyone's expectations that it would end before the five-year wood anniversary.

It's simple to provide the conventional response of "it's all about love." It's either there or it's not.

However, I disagree. LOVE has the best of intentions. I've witnessed couples that love one other yet are unable to make their relationship work.

I've discovered they are via studying healthy and poisonous relationships, as well as trying with the concept myself.

Here are the five fundamental elements that must be present in any long-term partnership:


It won't last if you don't appreciate the person you sleep next to at night. Respect for their thoughts, dreams, and ambitions. Respect for how they carry themselves in life and for the type of person they are. The instant you show contempt for your relationship, it's the start of the end. It may take a long time to get there, but trust me when I say that if you don't respect your partner, you're on the verge of breaking up.

Healthy Disagreement

It's a given that you'll argue. You will disagree on certain issues, such as politics, where to eat dinner, and how to discipline your children. However, how you manage yourself throughout these conflicts can reveal a lot about your relationship. Fighting fairly is essential for healthy partnerships. Talking it out is also a good idea.

 Emotional & Physical Connection

Sex must take precedence. The importance of cuddling must be prioritized. It is impossible for romance to perish. When you put things on the back burner, you're shortchanging your relationship. You will fail if you do not consistently focus on your intimate relationship with your partner and place them as the most important item in your life, no matter how much we love our success, family, hobbies, or yourself.

Support For Each Other

We all require someone to look out for us. Someone to cheer us on no matter how big our victories or how big our failures are. For all of the above, Respect, Healthy Disagreement, and Connection, knowing that a spouse supports all we do is critical.


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