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"He saw beyond my HIV status" Lady left people speechless after posting her man's picture

When her life was broken and collapsed, a lady turned to social media to express her gratitude and shower praise on the guy who took her in. She posted images of them on Twitter, which attracted attention. She captioned them, "he looked beyond my HIV status."

'Thank you,' she said, expressing appreciation. She wished for her spouse to understand how much she cherished him. It was her claim that every male she encountered had abandoned her because of her HIV condition, but her spouse looked past her HIV status and decided to remain with her instead.

He said that despite my HIV status, he looked past it and proposed to her. I'm curious what you think of this relationship. Consider the following: Do you believe that the man made the correct decision by marrying an HIV-positive individual, or do you believe that he made a mistake?

Would you marry someone who is HIV +, let's be honest about this. If someone did this, would they consider it a gesture of love or foolishness? Should this be referred to as "love" or anything similar? I believe it is past time for us to cease discriminating against HIV positive persons and begin providing them with financial assistance..

Tell us about this pair and share your thoughts about their relationship with the general audience.

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