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Wedding planning scene

Check out These Beautiful Traditional Weddings and Thier Attires

A wedding is beautiful thing to get into and it is a true reflection of how much the people that are getting married love and cherish each other, and want to be together for the rest of their lives.

It is a blessing in disguise because some people come into this world and leave it without experiencing the love that these people have for each other. Some people like small and intimate weddings with a small group of people like close friends and family, whilst some like them big.

It is a tradition all around the world where people get married in what is call a white wedding, but here in Africa we embrace our heritage and tradition and engage in what we call traditional weddings. In some instances some people partake in a white wedding first, then the following day carry on the celebrations in a more traditional manner, whilst others only have a traditional wedding as their main wedding. Some people put on traditional attires during the lobola negotiations or whilst hosting an engagement party. Nevertheless which ever occasion it is that they put on their traditional attire as a couple they are always killing it.

The makotis and the mokgwenyanas put on quite a beautiful display with their traditional attires which make them look absolutely stunning and made for each other. 

Here are some pictures of couples in their traditional attires .


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