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4 Things That Happen To You As A Man When You Masturbate

Masturbation is a practice of fumbling with one's body to derive a s*xual pleasure without the presence or impact of the opposite gender.

Although it is a practice common among male counterparts, we cannot put away the fact that a larger percentage of females do it too.

Although some schools of thought believe that masturbation has some benefits, it Is important to understand the side effects of engaging in it, especially for the male gender.

Here below are some of the bad effects it has on men:

1. Loss of interest in normal intimacy

Although a few of the young men who engage in this practice, when being interviewed, have given excuses why they do it. Some do it because of loneliness, disappointment from girlfriends or depression. They believe that masturbating, makes them forget all about that. Yes, it does but, in the long run, it will also make you as a man, lose interest in normal intimacy with the female genders or make you have a dislike for them.

2. Dehydration- loss of essential minerals

That moment you constantly feel the relief after each release, do you realise you are also doing yourself harm? What you get after each moment of such experiences is that you're being dehydrated, as a result of the loss of protein and some essential minerals in your body. This can in turn cause loss of stamina, which makes you prone to falling easily while walking.

3. Weakness of the body

Constant masturbation can cause you the general weakness of the body and makes you less active and productive in your daily activities or works.

4. Weak erection 

This has often generated arguments among many, as some schools of thought believe that it is not in any way responsible for weak erection.

Masturbation may not be the immediate cause of weak erection but here is how it gradually makes it happen;

(i) The friction from rubbing your private organ against rough objects can cause it to shrink.

(ii) While masturbating, there's always an urge to release on time. This same act is psychologically bound to be carried in your head during normal intimacy as it makes you get a quick ejaculation.

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