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Twitter encourages black man to marry his white girlfriend soon

Lindo is being given an advice to engage and hopefully leading to a wedding for his girlfriend Heidi, whom they had a great time with Lindo's family. They had a wonderful weekend and Heidi is very much happy.

A lady is suggesting Lindo should make it a point very soon, to engaged to his girlfriend because according to them she is already showing a great potential sign of being his wife.

This online engagement view started when Heidi started saying she was cutting all those carrots wonderfully and that is when she was asked that, is she married to Lindo already? and a wife of Lindo.

Then she took a picture of her left hand showing them that, Lindo has has not yet popped out that question yet. According to twitter, they should get married but then at this moment, everything looks wonderfully and promising for both of them.

They took pictures together while they were enjoying their family gathering. Those pictures are showing fascinating emotions of happiness and this means that Lindo does have a great family. They are all happy for them being together.

It may not be every time on social media as users are encouraging a man or a guy to make it a point that he marries her partner and because according to them it would make them more happier and for everyone.

From their response, they are very much positive that they will get married soon.

Marriage is a wonderful thing and people are being encouraged to get married but it may not be everyone who is having the thought of getting married or simply they are not yet interested.

Clearly their relationship is a rainbow nation and Twitter users are hoping positively about this idea of Lindo getting married to Heidi. Good luck to their future endeavours.

What do you think of a rainbow marriage?

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