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A couple breaks the internet after posting their wedding pictures.

Powerful orator from Zimbabwe, Sinikiwe Kademaunga wey dem brought into the world without any hands and knees - in addition to dwarfism wear share delightful photographs from her wedding. 

Sinikiwe share dis wedding photographs not many months afta she canister uncover di personality of her bobo for di first time and show am to di world for her Instagram page on 11 August. 

Di powerful orator share her new wedding photographs for two unique Instagram post and compose for one, "31.10.2021" wey large numbers of her devotees dey suspect as di date of di wedding. 

Here na di delightful wedding photographs of Sinikiwe Kademaunga and her better half. 

In the interim, for February first 2021, Sinikiwe report say she dey expect her first pikin with her accomplice and offer photograph of hersef for her Instagram handle. 

Sinikiwe Kademaunga come from Zimbabwe and she be social laborer, blogger, powerful orator and holistic mentor. 

Dey conceived Sinikiwe with one condition wey stop di development of her appendages and furthermore dwarfism yet she no let her actual restrictions hold her back. 

Di powerful orator tok for one meeting with BTV say wen dem conceived her, e dey extremely difficult for her family to acknowledge say dey conceived her with incapacity. 

She say growing up dey extremely challenging particularly wen she dey play with oda kids, pipo dey look her and a few kids go dey giggle at her and all dis difficulties cause her to acknowledge say she dey unique. 

"I no dey partner inability with destitution' 

Sinikiwe Kademaunga tok during one meeting with BBC for 2019 say; 

"To dey handicapped and at di same time be lady dey like twofold burden yet for me to defeat dis, I just consistently need to tell mysef say I fit be anything wey I need." 

"I no dey truly see my handicap except if wen I dey those circumstances or set ups wey dey consistently help me to remember my inability." 

Sinikiwe say she simply accept say she be lady wey dey afta her objectives and she no dey partner inability with destitution. 

"God give me di cerebrums, e give me everything wey I really want to simply go out there and be brilliant and would whatever I like to do." 

Sinikiwe fit do cosmetics for pipo and for her own face even as she no get hands. 

She tok say if pesin dey live im life and rely upon oda pipo, e dey remove di pesin certainty from am. 

From the get go, Sinikiwe say she truly battle to acknowledge her body however she beat dis test di second she dey 'kind to hersef' and say; 

"No Sinikiwe dis na who you be, you off limits change anything. In the event that you keep carrying on with your life like dis you go dey hopeless for di rest of your life." 

Sinikiwe say she go additionally need to spur oda youthful pipo with inability since she know say e dey truly difficult to grow up with handicap. 

So she need to be model for dem and be somebody wey pipo with incapacity fit gaze upward to and see say e dey feasible. 

"You fit do am, you fit simply carry on with your existence without agonizing over wetin pipo ponder you," Sinikiwe tok for di end of di BBC meet for 2019.


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Dey Sinikiwe Sinikiwe Kademaunga Zimbabwe


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