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Three things ladies hate to hear from a man (opinion)

A man may say a lot of things that a woman hates to hear. Nothing here reflects their personal preferences; rather, they are the kinds of statements that women dread hearing from a male. To know what to say to a female, you need to know these things as a man. It will also help you improve your interaction with women and avoid any misunderstandings.

I'm going to share with you three things that women hate to hear from guys in this post.

1. I am cash-strapped.

In particular, women hate it when a man admits that he doesn't have any money. As a result, they prefer to date financially stable men who won't be able to admit that they don't have any.

No, this is not some sort of urban legend. It is based on the reality of women: they prefer it when their partners don't tell them they don't have enough money and instead go out and work to get enough to meet their needs.

In other words, if you don't want to get into a lot of disputes with ladies, avoid telling them you're broke.

2. I'm not returning home.

Females dislike hearing about this from a man. Women who already live with their boyfriends dislike it when their man says he won't be returning home because they expect to see him around regularly; they don't want to have a day when he wants to sleep outside and not return home, which is why they dislike it when their man says he won't be returning.

3. I don't want to eat

The effort that goes into cooking is disproportionately performed by women, especially when they are preparing for others. Their main focus is on making the meal taste good, so when someone tells them he's not eating, they get furious. To them, he appears unappreciative of their efforts, as if preparing the meals were a waste of time and effort. In short, don't starve yourself or tell your girlfriend that you're not eating because it's something they hate.

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