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" My mom said she wants 5k for my lobola, should they bring me back, she can pay them back "

The lobola demonstrates that the man getting married is capable of taking care of a family and also serves as a token of gratitude to the bride's family for raising a wonderful woman. The lobola ceremony is a formal process of negotiation between two families to come to a mutual agreement on the price.

There is an understanding that the custom surrounding the practice of paying lobola is to seal the relationship between the two people who plan to get married and their families or clans

According to tradition, it was customary to pay the lobola with cattle. In present times, however, the payment can be made with money or cattle, depending on the families’ circumstances.

A woman caused a stir on Twitter after posting that her mother said that she only wants 5k for her lobola and her explanation was that should they bring her back, she will be able to pay them back. One lady commented that her mother and auntie said the same thing because she is lazy and opinionated and she can be returned home within a month.


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