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A lady earned herself respect for confessing how her toxicity almost ruined her relationship

It takes a bold person to come out clean about the wrong things they used to do which had bad results. As people try to avoid relationship failures, they keep praying and hoping to meet partners who will not be toxic. However, there are toxic people out there who know about their own toxicity, but they are not confident enough to come out clean.

There is a woman on social media who revealed how she realised that the things she was doing to her partner were not going to take them where they wanted to go. She also came out clean about how proud she is of finding a way to stop her misguided behaviour.

The lady's name is Sinethemba Mthethwa, and she says she used to demand stuff from her partner in such a way that she would even blackmail him when he seemed to be resistant. Sinethemba says she used to do a lot of talking and less listening. She used to be defensive about her wrongdoings, even when it was not necessary to do so.

Manyambose says she started holding a meeting with herself. That meeting helped her realise that she was on the wrong side of things in a relationship, and she knew that her relationship would be ruined if she did not stop these wrong doings. She had no choice but to listen to herself and her relationship was saved.

People who saw this admired the level of maturity that she displayed. They know that not everyone can agree to be accountable for their relationship failures. One of those people who were singing compliments for Sinethemba did not hide that she just earned herself his respect for holding herself accountable and being able to correct everything that she has done wrong.


I believe that if you want to see something going back to it's normal operation, you first need to determine what went wrong with it. There is no way that you can fix a broken machine without troubleshooting first. Sinethemba got it right and she did not have to be ashamed because she would not be able to fix it.

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