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Divorce Affair

Opinion: Trouble is building up for the lovers who married at an early age

Opinion: Trouble is building up for the lovers who married at an early age.

Trouble is brewing for the couple who shocked Mzansi by marrying despite the fact that they were extremely young at the time.

Because their marriage is now three years old, these lovers have been proving others wrong, but now it appears that their marriage is in jeopardy.

Syacela, the husband, has finally admitted to adultery, and he now wishes to take the girl with whom he has been cheating and make her his second wife.

Thando, the wife, is adamantly opposed to polygamous marriage and has previously stated that she does not see herself sharing a guy with a woman and would rather leave the marriage.

Syacela is deadly serious about finding a second wife.

"Syacela maintains his search for a second marriage.

People, including celebrities, have expressed their opinions on the subject. Some people are concerned since Syacela does not work and relies on his father's money, yet he desires a second wife.

"This child can't afford himself but wants Isithembu (polygamous marriage)," Tumi Sole stated.

"For Thando to focus on her exams, some people are paying Thando to leave Sysncela and focus on her studies."

"Pass the matrix, study, graduate, and live her best life joyfully," a Twitter user stated.

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