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Pictures of the old man with his young wife shows love is unconditional

Love has the ability to take you completely by surprise; you may find yourself falling in love with someone you never thought you'd be attracted to in the first place. As a result, you will accomplish things you never thought possible and may even doubt if you are the one causing them. As long as you are of legal age, love is considered to be unconditional. However, this is only true if you are of legal age.

We've all read and heard heartwarming tales of people who found love with somebody they never expected to find love with. Even those who are physically large marry people who are physically little. We've even seen dwarfs marry Giants. That's the way love works, you see. Neither a black guy nor a black woman will be married to each other all the time if you're lucky enough to find someone who looks like you.

Individuals have the notion that age has anything to do with love; they believe that people of a given age should always marry someone of a specific age. When you're young and single, many people assume you should marry someone your own age. However, this isn't always the case. You can marry a young man or a young woman if you are not married and the younger individual is of legal dating and marriage age in your country.

Love has no regard for age, but that doesn't mean you should date a juvenile just because you're young enough to be married or be in a committed relationship with someone your own age. Women in their 20s can marry men in their 40s as long as they are both unmarried and not in a relationship.

The age gap between this adorable pair really caught my eye when I saw them in a gallery of love photos I came upon. Their love for each other has no bounds, regardless of their age difference. Both the woman and the guy appear to be in their late 20s and 40s, yet they still look great together.

The only thing that counts to them is how each of them feels about the other, not what other people think or say about them. They're not simply friends since he proposed to her and she said yes, thus they're married. See more pictures below;

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