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NOT FOR SENSITIVE READERS : Woman boiled her boyfriend with hot water, he accused her of cheating

WARNING : The images provided in the article are not for the sensitive readers.

A VERULAM man burns after his mother was scalded with boiling water Photo: <a class=RUSA Facebook"/>A VERULAM man burns after his girlfriend was scalded with boiling water Photo: RUSA Facebook

Writer : Mlu S Doncabe

Many people are angry at the Facebook post about a man who was set on fire by the mother of his child. The story goes that he asked her about her cheating conversations with different men, and she caught them on her cellphone.

The incident happened in Riet River, Verulam KwaZulu Natal on Monday, According to the source the incident has left many wondering, why the woman was not arrested for allegedly burning her baby's father. Sociel media was buzzing with the anger from people seeing the pictures of a man burnt and hurting.

On the page of the security company, Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa), IAm Sizwe said: “Boiling water is very painful. His intention was to severely injure the man. That is a very serious matter. She should face the law and be considered a miserable person. ” he concluded.

Nkuluh Mnikathi said: “If it had been the man who did this he would have been arrested a long time ago. Had he slept in his comfortable bed, he would have been in prison right now. As he was rushed to the hospital, the woman continued with her relationship with her fiancé. ” another comment that have came through.

Elaborating on the incident, Rusa spokesman Prem Balram said the man had received information that his wife was immoral.

"She told the Rusa security guards that she had opened a Facebook account of the mother of his 14-month-old baby after finding out she was cheating with many man . In the middle he said he found conversations about dating a lot of men, and then he asked her about it, ”said Balram.

He told them that this led to a violent confrontation, and the woman poured boiling water over him from the kettle.

The psychiatrist, Dr Manqoba Myeni, said it was common for them to be confronted with a couple who were arguing with each other.

He said this was a sensitive issue because sometimes even the wedding knots break, due to disputes arising from the discoveries made on the cell phones.

“The story of the cell phone is complicated because it is good and bad. It's an easy way to communicate but it's worse when things like this happen because of cell phone findings, ”said Dr Myeni.

He also pointed out that it also helps to check your partner's cell phone.

“Because sometimes you get the impression that you are a loan shark, even though he is staying with you in the house. That is something you will not get if you do not touch the cell phone because it is hidden from you, ”he said.

He suggested that the couple must sit down and discuss how they can handle the issue of cell phones when they just starting out.

“If it is agreed that it is not touched, that is what happened. If you ever want to change that in the middle of a relationship, then sit down and discuss it, ”said Dr Myeni.

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