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3 Top Secrets To Making Girls Crazily Addicted To You. - OPINION.

Money isn't the only aspect that might cause a lady to get addicted to you. There are a slew of practical ways to get a woman addicted to you. Simply establish some simple personal rules for them to follow, and they will get addicted to you. Here are three pointers to get you there.

1. Keep wowing her for about five days, then take a break. Make sure the treatment you're providing her is working before you take a break. She will begin to miss you and will call you frequently once you have vanished. The trick is to make the most of the five days you have at your disposal. The rest will follow suit.

2. Don't send her money; instead, send her gifts. In this circumstance, letting a lady know how wealthy you are and lavishing her with gifts will work wonders. Find out what she enjoys and values the most, and you'll see how committed she is to you.

3. Make a concerted attempt to annoy her. This will set you apart from the other gentlemen who care about her. This will perplex her because everyone else is praising her. As she attempts to figure out why you act differently than the others, she will become glued to you.

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