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" We can break up if you don't mind"- Man sends a message to his girlfriend

Breakups are painful. When you didn't see it coming, you might spend hours deliberating whether or not you could have done anything differently. Makhoza and her boyfriend had a misunderstanding and she took some time not talking to him. He sent her a message asking if she is still mad at him and she said yes. He then proposed a breakup. People think it's her fault while others think the guy did not love her enough.

"Let go. He didn't love you, If he truly did he would not be asking for a breakup. You will find the man of your dreams one day. This one is not worth it." Said @Linthicom

"It's your fault. Girls like playing mind games. I don't feel sorry for you because you asked for it. The guy is chosing himself and I am proud of him. Next time don't behave like a baby." Said Gavin_Losh.


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