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5 Ways To Make A Girl Think About You 24 Hours A Day Via Texing.

Have you ever wondered how to get a girl to think about you through text? It's a terrific approach to get her pining for you without having to be physically present. You'll be set to go once you've mastered the fundamentals of texting. While there are many methods to make yourself memorable when you're together, messages are the simplest approach to get a female to remember you when you're not there. In today's article, I've listed 5 ways to make a girl think about you 24 hours a day, seven days a week through texting.

1. Send a cute photo.

Guys sending selfies are the polar opposite of how to get a female to think of you through text. So, unless you have a strange filter or a lovely shot of you and your baby, skip the selfies. Send a photo of your tasty lunch, your pet, or even something strange you observed on the street instead. All of these sparks a debate.

2. Memes are great.

Memes are the new method to make people laugh, smile, and remember you. You sent it to her since it reminded you of her. Maybe it was about something you'd discussed before, perhaps it was a scene from one of her favorite shows. This will show her that you were thinking of her and will cause her to think about you instead of texting.

3. A funny video.

This is another great technique to make sure you're on her mind, whether it's a sketch, a skit, or a clip from Saturday Night Live. It will demonstrate your sense of humor and cause her to think of you when she scrolls through social media.

4. A movie preview.

Sending her a movie trailer is not only a terrific method to get her to think about you over text, but it's also a great approach to start asking her out. Send the trailer to her. You might ask her if she wants to view it with you when she thinks it looks excellent. Take a look at you. Getting her to think about you and setting up a date in one fell swoop.

5. Tell her you’re thinking about her.

Don't go around in circles. Inform her that you are thinking of her. Inquire about her day, or inform her that you noticed someone wearing a blouse that reminded you of her. Anything, no matter how insignificant, will be enough to make her think of you, as long as it is sincere.

Bring up a meme about something you have in common if you've seen each other before. Is there something that both of you are concerned about? What do you think of the most recent Marvel trailer? Share a comfortable, on-the-bed photo of her and remind her of how much fun you had together. This internet flirting strategy will leave her wanting more.


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