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Hardships you go through when dating a traditional healer

Traditional healers are humans too they also have feelings, needs and wants, again people are different but to answer your question.

Yes healers do have intimacy with their partners. It is very complicated with them since they are possessed with ancestral spirits.

You may find that certain days they don’t want to be touched at all, some days all they want is their partner.

This can be very challenging for a person dating a traditional healer, because sometimes there are places you can’t touch them usually this where the ancestors will be sitting on them.

It can be shoulders, lower abdomen, head and so on, as a person dating a healer you need to know the boundaries and respect that. 


Our ancestors are always with us, when they are present and busy working you cannot touch or talk to your partner.

once they have arrived and are trying to reach out  you need to give them their place, listen to what they have to say.

connect with them spiritually ,when dating spiritual gifted people. If she/he’s quite, and don’t want to be touched give him /her time with the ancestors.

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