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Ladies the sooner you stop this the better, See what men are doing with your images (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

A lot of women go out for drinks without money. Only to throw the image of their boyfriends to the mud. On this picture four ladies are seen seated at a club without no drinks. On the picture it is clear that they are waiting on someone to scam for the night.

The image shows it all that men have had enough of women who attend parties without having cash on their pockets. Hoping that a Samaritan will save them for the night without even giving nothing in return. Being a lady and thinking you will drink people and runaway it's a thing of the past.

These days men have chance drastically, they spend on you and expect you to leave the club with them. This puts a lot of relationships at stake, since some ladies end up getting pregnant only to give the wrong man s child. Women who drink are at a greater risk of transmission and speaking this to them feels like insulting.

On the picture it is clear that our brothers are tired. They make it clear that they no longer care, infection is all over it is unwise to spend money on someone who will meet the next person the following day.

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