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Another Victory for Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi

When you want to ask someone to marry you, you should really think it out and find the ideal method to ask them, but this man chose what may have been the worst possible time to do it: during a remembrance ceremony. People have taken to the internet to express their displeasure with a South African priest who proposed to his future wife at the detention facility where her father was being held. During the performance in the Limpopo region of South Africa, M.Mojela got down on one knee and proposed to his crying girlfriend by asking her to marry him. The proposal was captured on video and uploaded to the TikTok app by M.Mojela.

"At the burial service, the young man made a proposal to the young girl who was related to the person who had died away. A message that reads "Cleaning the tears generally" is engraved on the clasp. You can make out the graveyard where the woman's father was laid to rest in the background of the video. At one moment, a member of the group can be heard yelling out in apparent disbelief after becoming aware of what is taking place. In any event, the clergyman didn't give a hoot because his risky plan of action was successful, as evidenced by the fact that the video shows him putting a ring on the woman's finger after he proposed to her.

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A variety of customers responded to the stunt in a variety of ways. "This is NOT correct at all. Regardless of how determined you are to find a solution to the problem, "one client said. "In my opinion, he should have waited until after the burial administration was finished before leaving. Another customer voiced their confusion by asking, "How are you supposed to be merry when you are enduring such torment?" "People, he had anticipated finishing it before the death of one of his parents. Everything appears to be in order. You'll figure this out once you realize how very significant you are "remarked a third individual. Another customer commented, "Perhaps he expected to become affiliated with the family while either the father or the mother was still alive at this point."

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In contrast to this man, the pastor was successful in what he was working toward doing, whereas this other man was not. A man who asked a woman to marry him in a noisy McDonald's earlier this month was taken aback when she declined his proposal, and he felt humiliated as a result. While a woman was waiting in a long line at the Sandton McDonald's in Johannesburg, South Africa, this man proposed to her and asked her to marry him.

While the woman is placing her order at the register, the video shows the man proposing to her by getting down on one knee and holding out a ring box. She glances at the McDonald's trained expert before turning away and shaking her head as if she can hardly cope with what she's seeing. The crowd that around them clapped and yelled in an effort to convince the woman to say OK, but the woman was eager to say it anyhow. After getting into a heated argument, the two then part ways, with the woman leaving the store as a result of the incident. The event has left the man feeling ashamed, so he quickly gets his dinner and goes.


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