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Men, 6 Signs A Woman Wants To Be Intimate With You

Most women have a hard time telling a man how they really feel. As a result, they communicate mostly through their body language in order to avoid appearing impolite. Men may not see the warning signs that women use to let men know they want to have sex with them until they are well-versed in the art of observing and deciphering them. Here are only a few examples:

You may tell if a lady is interested in more than just a platonic relationship with you by looking at her body language, such as when she licks or bites her lips when she's near you. Women communicate with males mostly through body language, as they are unable to express the majority of their thoughts verbally. Therefor you should pay attention to the indications she gives off through her bodily actions

2) She wants to spend time with you alone: She suggests spending time together indoors at your house. The possibility of her cooking or suggesting other pleasantries to win your affection is high.

3. She tries to get your attention by flirting with you, sending you provocative or romantic texts, and even talking about her personal life with you in an intimate way. She can also make a romantic or suggestive comment about you.

Women don't mind having an intimate talk with men online if they want them in an intimate way. Some women will go so far as to send you naked images of themselves or send you flirtatious messages on social media platforms without your permission to demonstrate how they truly feel about you.

When you notice she actively touches you, it's a sign that she wants to get to know you better. She enjoys making physical touch with you and may not be shy about expressing her desire to have some sexual relations with you.

A woman may offer you numerous clues, but don't get your hopes up until she makes it clear that intimacy is what she actually wants from you.

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