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7 Signs That Shows A Girl Is Begining To Like You

Because emotions are difficult to deal with, if a woman has a secondary interest in you, her behavior around you may present certain signs to you. Either way, a few of them are signs that a lady is interested in you.

(1). A woman who is interested in you may bombard you with questions about your love life, or she may bore you with a woman she believes to be your wife, just to see if you are dating or not.

(2). She can pay attention to you, chat with you, talk to you on the phone for longer periods of time, comply quickly, and keep tabs on you in ways your typical friend won't.

3. If she smiles when you compliment her when you're alone with her, it suggests that she likes you. Women have been known to blush when they hear or see something they like.

(4). When someone is attracted to you, they may stare at you for an extended period of time. If you've ever seen a woman look at you repeatedly, she might be trying to manipulate your emotions through eye contact, or she might be trying to get your attention. If he's a guy, you can assume he's just judging you by what you're wearing. However, since this is a girl, you can assume that she likes you.

(5). A woman who is currently feeling loose around you can let you know when she is available to date you again.

(6). Everything you do pleases a woman who has fallen in love with you.

(7). She gets angry with you for no apparent reason, probably because you've dated a woman.

Here are some examples of silent clues that a girl can display when she likes you.

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