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3 Simple Ways To Test If Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Loves You (Opinion)

We're going to look at how to detect if your lover really loves you in this piece. Five simple methods for determining if your partner actually cares about you.

1. Don't call them for a week if you know you're the one that calls a lot. For a few days, don't call him and see how he reacts if you're the one who does it frequently. Remember that if a person truly loves you, he or she will realize something is wrong from day one forward, regardless of how long it has been since the first date.

Accept that there may be someone more important in their life than you, even if you don't hear from your sweetheart for five days and they don't seem concerned or notice anything out of the ordinary.

2. Offer to bring her flowers to her workplace or home. The majority of the time, males will employ this method to their advantage, and according to reports, it works. You sneak into her office, drop off a flower, and disappear before anyone notices or suspects anything.

Be extremely careful not to give the impression that you are the one who is being targeted. A girl's reliability could be assessed with this test. Go away, and don't take the flower from in front of her job. In the event that she thanks you for the flowers, you can be confident that she is sincere. If she does not thank you, she is most likely seeking confirmation of some sort, which is a red flag.

3. For a few days, refuse to be intimate with him and watch his reaction. For a few days, don't give your man any s*x and see how he reacts. This advice is primarily for women in their 20s and 30s. You've probably noticed by now that most men are just concerned with the way they look.

True love doesn't care about how you look. If he won't talk to you because you didn't give him closeness, he's probably after that.

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