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Nobody Will Make You Happy Until You Are Happy With Yourself# Dloz'lam

Nobody will make you happy until you are happy with yourself


Dloz'lam is a show where Thembi nyathi who is the host of the show reveals so many hidden things which comes from the Ancestors as she is able to communicate with them.

She wrote a message or rather a post on social media saying : Nobody will make you happy until you make yourself happy.

It's TRUE indeed that no one will come and make you happy because it is very sad that you have to wait for other people to be your source of Joy.

People are always busy nowadays ,people always have their own stress to worry about,people have careers to worry about.

People dont have time anymore,its all about you ,you have to be your own happiness ,create your own joy and be happy,dont wait for no man to be your source of Joy.

Take a shower,make yourself up and look beautiful, go out to the mall and just have fun all by yourself with no worries.

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Dloz'lam Thembi


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