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Opinion : Men From These Countries Are A Must To Date Dear Ladies

When certain names are uttered something comes to one's mind. There have lived great men who are well know for their contribution in society. Shaka Zulu was a great Zulu warrior who always dreamed about fighting his rivals, on the other hand we have men like Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder , Hugh Masekela and so on. Once one mentions these names what come to the one who is listening's mind? obviously music as these men were well known in the music industry. As much as some of these men are no more but their music legacy is still known. They well all amazing in their performances and the stage will go ablaze with their various skills.

Speaking about performing there are men who perform better than others in the bedroom. A new survey which has been conducted lately has produced some interesting results. Ladies who are looking for a partner should pay attention to this article. Apparently men from Australia are best performers when it comes to intimacy it may sound rather surprising but that is what the survey results found. Guess who was fast tracking behind? Yes off course our rainbow nation South Africa. A survey was made to rate all the men women have ever been involved with in a scale between zero to 10 and 0 being the worst and 10 being the best ever. So these results came as the ratings.

Evoke magazine also listed the top ten men who are the best when it comes to intimacy.

1.Australia 8/10 4. Canada 7/10 7. India 7/10 10.United Kingdom 6/10

2. South Africa 8/10 5. France 7/10 .8. Italy 7/10

3.Unites states 8/10 6. Germany 7/10 9.Spain 7/10

These are the results from number one to ten. Amazing as they are but looking at them closely none of the countries are too bad. So they you have it Spinsters chose where you want to emigrate too to find that dream men among the selected countries. Please share your views on this survey does it look real or the people asked had no clue of what they were talking about? God bless you all.

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