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Ladies, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Man Before Marriage

There's no denying that two lovers shouldn't keep secrets from each other and should always be honest with each other, but I believe there should be exceptions to this rule. If you really love and value your relationship, I think there are somethings you keep from your man and never tell him until he puts the ring on and they include;

1. Keeping your pretty friends a secret from your partner.

Don't you every bring your pretty friends home, it's dangerous both before and after marriage. This does not mean that you are jealous of how she looks; Instead, it sends an ambiguous message to your man who may find flaws in your appearance compared to that of your friends.

2. Don't tell him how bad your life was before you met him.

Telling your man how confused your life was before meeting him is a bad move. This might either annoy him or might be used against in in the future. If he's a bad person, he may start thinking about how to take advantage of you, knock you down, and destroy you.

3. Don't tell him how much you hate your Ex.

Never tell your current boyfriend how much you still hate your ex. This is a big turn off and your current boyfriend will be scared if you keep talking about how your ex treated you and how you'll never forgive. He might think you'll paint a bad image of him once you two eventually get separated and this will affect the way he relates with you.

4. When getting intimate, don't ever tell him how great your ex was.

It's wrong to tell your current boyfriend about your ex while you're having fun. It's not a good idea to tell your boyfriend how great your Ex was because if he doesn't live up to your expectations, he may be afraid you'll reject him if someone else with your Ex's performance level approach you. Another reason not to tell him is that he may mistake you for one of those women who wants to go out for fun and do the same to him.

5. Wait until you are married before telling him about your virginity.

In fact, telling someone you're still a virgin can be a huge turn off and may prompt the person to start avoiding you prevented. If he finds out you're a virgin, don't tell him you won't it until you marry him; he may not want to stay. To earn his respect, get to know him first, be his friend, and act mature in his presence. You will be amazed how he accepts you and your choices.

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