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After suffering bad headache see what I found out on my boyfriend bed, see what side chick did

After having a headache for 2 days and I was told by a young man that he had a dream in which I had a miscarriage I decided to go for public consultation and I was told that something was placed under the baby daddy's bed on my side and this is Discover guy's so badly injured.

A lady was heartbreaking for what her man did to her when he's not around to allow another girl to visit her in the same bedroom he used to sleep in with her wife.

Side chick did this because she wanted the wife to get a miscarriage and lose the baby to fight with the baby daddy to break up with her to come and date her permanently.

Some of the dreams you dream at night do not take them as a joke, make sure that you need to know how they translate.

Please man if you know that you a side chick respect your wife save your wife from satan your side chick is big which can which your family and choose her to be careful.

What the lady saw is very painful, losing your pregnancy because of someone who is fighting over your man.

Man take care of your self side chick will never witch you she is going to which your wife to leave her for side chick be careful this is what break up many families and homes some ladies use aircraft to win you as a man and not knowing what happened to you to live your wife for no reason.

This is the last warning to you all love your wife as she does to you. a side chick is a serial killer make sure you search her bag before she gets inside your place to see what is inside to know that you are not living with a monster who will break your family in peace.

Man wake up don't be stupid!

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