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STOP Dating Foreigners, See What These Foreigners Did to a Lady After Killing Her & Cut Her Pieces

It's not a new idea to urge people to stay away from outsiders, particularly women. While they have husbands and children at home, foreigners seek out local girls to exploit while they are away. She had been dating her foreign husband, whom they had been dating for five years, for five years before he left and returned to his native country; she was heartbroken when she realized that he had a family back home as well.

Otherwise, it appears that outsiders have no interest in South Africans. When it comes to their relationships, they are quite abusive. When guys propose to women, it's usually because they want to keep them occupied, not because they're in love with them.

Unthinkable acts by a foreign national have made headlines in recent memory. It was all the rage last year when a foreign man brutally murdered his American girlfriend. A disagreement between the instructor and her boyfriend, Cheema, is said to have led to her disappearance. Immediately following the altercation, Cheema and his companion Ali assassinated the poor instructor and then drove around disposing of her remains in various areas. Some of the body parts, such as the intestines, were buried in the brush. As of yet, the judgment has not been served despite the fact that this case has been ongoing since 2018.

Both Cheema and Ali are facing various charges, including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, impeding the administration of justice, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and illegal immigration, which have both been brought before the court. Court has been postponed until June because two defendants appeared in court with a different attorney from the one who previously appeared for them in court. They were instructed to seek legal representation.

Remains were stolen from a government mortuary where a teacher's family was unable to collect them. As a means of erasing evidence, they may have been taken. Since then, there has been a constant outcry for the administration of justice.

Because this lawsuit has taken so long, the foreigners involved must have a lot of clout. Because of the shortcomings of our criminal justice system, they will get away with it in the end. To ensure that justice is done, political parties must intervene.

There are two Pakistani nationals currently in court in South Africa for murdering a female teacher and driving about and disposing bits of her body, according to a report in the Tzaneen Voice.


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