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Warning: Men Avoid Telling Ladies These Things About Yourself, Especially Number 3

Keeping a secret is not bad when you meet new people. Some information is very vital and should be kept to you alone. 

There are some things that I would advise you to keep to yourself, especially when you just meet a woman. This set of information can make women glue to you without actually loving you. Be wise and keep them private till the right time for you to tell them out.

Below are the things you must keep private when you newly meet a woman 

1. What you do for a living

When you have a very good and successful job, I will advise you not to disclose it to a woman easily and quickly. Your job is a secret that must be protected because some women can use it to determine either to date you or not. Let love lead, and women will love you for who you are.

2. Your income 

The amount of money that comes into your account can make a woman lie to herself that she loves you. Don't disclose your income to any lady you just meet at a bar, club, or anywhere. Your income is also a top-secret to be kept to yourself.

3. Your relationship status

If you are single, don't quickly tell a woman that you met. This is because some women are now desperately looking for a relationship, and they can do anything to get you when they notice your single. Note: if you are a married man, say it quickly.

4. Type of house you live in

You may be wondering why I should keep the place I live in private, yes, you have to because it is very important. This applies to people who live in popular areas and big mansions, don't tell a woman you have just met about where you live. Women who like material things will lie and claim they love you because you have already shown that you are wealthy. Be wise.

You must avoid telling women about yourself at a point in life if you want real love. Some women are attracted to material things and if they discover you are wealthy, they will claim that they love you. A person who wants a life partner will be deceived that he has found love while is not true. Be wise and keep secrets for a while.

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