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Age Is Just A Number- As A Young woman Dates An Old Man And This Caused Chaos For This Reason

Matters of the heart can't be compared to anything in this world other than Love itself. When a couple is deeply in love, no one can ever come between the two. Nowadays, there is a new tendency of this saying, age is just a number. I don't know how true that is, but in most communities who still live under their roots and beliefs, age is still regarded an issue. In some places, we have come across couples who are mismatches, but we all know that no one can stand in the way of love.

A young beautiful lady took to her Twitter account to post her photos which she took along her lover. She posted these photos with a caption saying, "age is just a number in the end, love always wins". Many people thought this couple was not a match for each other because of age. The lady is a young woman, while on the other hand the man is old. This caused a stir on social media because of how they look together. Many say the man is old enough to be the lady's father, but on her account, she doesn't seem to worry at all. Here are some comments regarding this post.

On these photos we can see the couple posing for the camera, but what worries me is the fact that the lady is the only one who is smiling while the old man looks serious. According to my perspective, I would advice this type of relationship because it is a disgrace to be seen holding hands with an old man while you seem like his daughter. The same goes for older women to be in love with young men. Let's take a look at some photos of this couple.

This story can also be looked at from a different angle, the lady might actually be the old man's daughter. Well, I suppose we will never know what the truth really is.

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