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Husband and wife relationship

After My Husband Died, His Brothers Started Dragging Between Themselves Who Will Marry Me -Lady Says

A particular widow known as Ibadu Beauty revealed what she had been going through in the hands of her husband's brothers following his dying during a programme hosted to assist widows in Nigeria. The young woman claimed that as soon as her husband passed away, all of his brothers expressed interest in her, and they even started competing to be the one to propose to her.

She claimed that given her youth and the fact that she was catching the attention of the boys, they didn't even give a fig about how she was feeling or how she was doing. After her husband passed away, their only interest was in marrying her right away; none of them considered providing her with financial support or a comforting item.

She had to deny their marriage proposals because the waiting was getting to be too much, informing them that she won't marry any of them if that's all they care about. Since she denied their marriage proposals, they made the decision not to assist her. In this way, she was dumped by her husband's brothers, who continued to ignore her until the present. They are not interested in finding out if she is still alive.

None of them gave the defenceless wife of their deceased brother a thought. Then, without being able to rely on them for anything, she was forced to work and hustle alone. Life continues on, even though she was not prepared for what her husband's brothers did to her.

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Ibadu Beauty


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