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Reasons why Indian men send random Facebook requests and Messages -Opinion

It was also not uncommon for regular Facebook users to get random Facebook inquiries and messages from Indian guys at one time. Isn't it odd that Indian guys send useless Facebook messages and requests to complete strangers?

User's family, friends, and shared pals may be communicated with via the Facebook program, and they can also connect with friends from the previous year through the platform (childhood friends and former school or coworkers).

This leaves a gap in the typical Facebook user's experience, who has at some point accepted a friend's request from a complete stranger. The Facebook program itself has established community standards, forcing users to agree with and seek friendship from the people they meet via the platform.

Users on Facebook end up embracing or following individuals of interest as a result of their need to connect with new people for companionship, ideas, and even love. In recent months, there has been an upsurge in the number of random friend requests and inbox communications, mostly from Indian males who are targeting attractive female Facebook users.

Here are some of the things you should know about Indian men, as well as why they are so persistent in sending you odd requests and messages on a regular basis.

Have you ever received an unexpected love letter or compliment from an Indian man? If the answer is affirmative, guess what they really believe about their chances of falling in love with you.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be receiving unexpected alerts and comments on your appearance.

1. Indian males generally see women as valuable and enjoy being surrounded by women. 2.

Polygamy is widely practiced in India, which demonstrates the prevalence of the practice. According to the study, 2 percent of Indian women discover that their husbands are having an affair with another female companion.

2.Polygamous Hindus are likely to have 1,77 mothers on average, polygamous Muslims are likely to have 2,55 mothers, Christians are likely to have 2,35 mothers, and Buddhists are likely to have 3,41 mothers.

In India, families are very protective of their daughters, and they are seldom allowed to go outside the home. As a result, Indian men shift their attention to Facebook ladies who are just a click away.

Indian demographic structure: Males outnumber females in India by a wide margin.

India has a population of 1.35 billion people, with females constituting 48% of the total population and men constituting 52% of the overall population of the country.

If India implements a one-man-one-woman policy, 2 percent of the country's population will be without a spouse, assuming all other factors remain constant. In other words, there are 27.6 million Indian males who have links to available women, which is equivalent to the combined populations of Zimbabwe and Senegal in Africa.

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