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Husband and wife relationship

Marriage is Not for Cowards: 12 Things Marriage Isn't

There is nothing complicated about marriage. The principles it's built on are quite simple. Kindness. Respect. Loyalty. That sort of thing.

4th Anniversary And 17 years Of Togetherness.

I didn't remember until I was on my way to work last Saturday that we celebrated. I called her. Told her I loved her. And when I got home, I got grocery store flowers, which were beautiful. What did we do without grocery store flowers? Being an MFT and my own experience, I have learned a few things.

Here are twelve. Just because I could.

Here are 12 things that marriage is not:

1. Marriage is not for the weak. It takes a lot of effort.

2. In a marriage, it isn't about getting what you want all the time. It isn't about winning all the time as that would mean your spouse would lose. That is not good for the relationship.

3. It is not unfashionable to get married. Even Brangelina got married (Whew. Wasn't that a relief. Marriage is back in style.)

4. Marriage itself is not stimulating. You can get into a rut over time with the same person. You have to keep things interesting.

5. Marriage is not about having things. The joys of marriage are not tangible. You live them. 

6. Marriage is not for the impatient. The best stuff takes time. You have to wait until it develops.

7. Marriage is not the place for criticism. If you find abuse, that will destroy any hope of true intimacy or trust.

8. Marriage is not a 24-hour repair shop. Your spouse isn't meant to satisfy every need you have in your family. Some of them may have to be met by you, through your friends or other activities.

9. The marriage does not survive on its own. If you focus only on the kids, you are doing it wrong.

10. You learn a lot from watching someone very different from you live their life in a different way up close. Marriage is not boring. Life woven together can be quite exciting. It is fascinating to watch someone lead a life very different from your own.

Marriage is a promise. A vow. To try the hardest you have ever tried in your life. Marriage is a place for the achievement of personal integrity like no other. Thank you and don't forget to follow.

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