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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion: The Best Thing To Do For Your Wife Or Girlfriend Instead Of Giving Her Money

The relationship is sweet because the lovers involved love each other. But without finances, relationships are often unsuccessful. The relationship is damaged when there is no money to take care of some important things. At this point, lovers fight with each other because they often cannot be given anything to enjoy.

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 Also, marriages that do not require maintenance due to low income often do not grow. Often, one or both of his or her loved ones are unable to cope with the financial crisis. In some cases, the marriage may end in divorce.

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 In general, women like money. In general, all human beings are like money. But the love of money is based on perception. Naturally, humans need money to protect themselves. What is a world without money? How terrible that world was!

 The misconception that women love money more than men is based on the belief that men should take care of their wives or girlfriends financially. While this may not be true, there may be some problems if it is excessive.

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 I have seen men who choose to give money instead of encouraging their wives to work. The housewives we see today are such women. Do you know that if you continue to give money to your wife or girlfriend, you are robbing her? I know you don't know. Let me explain.

 I know you have enough money to give up, but have you ever considered the effect of the money you give her regularly? I'm sure you're not. If you don't know, I'll let you know today. If you continue to give her money whenever you need it, you are deliberately making a lazy woman. I'm not trying to be a bad person here, or I'm trying to get you to agree with your wife or girlfriend. Instead, I am trying to help you with the problem that many men are victims of. Please read that your life depends on it.

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 The foolish one prefers fish to fish. But a wise man prefers to learn how to catch some fish on a free fish. That's why we say, "Don't give me fish, teach me how to fish." Instead of taking money from you, a wise woman will ask you to teach her how to make money.

 In fact, there are many girls who want to get their hands on something legal and support their husbands or friends, but their men have money and they prefer to relax with the money they already have. . Often, this is encouraged by men.

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 Listen, if you give money to your wife or girlfriend today, believe me, tomorrow she will ask a big question. This is because not all problems in this world can be solved with money at once. It is very impossible. If you solve one problem today, she will bring another big one tomorrow.

 What is the solution to this problem? You ask. The solution is very simple. Teach her how to fish, stop giving her fish whenever she wants. This means that you have to teach them how to make money. If she is unemployed or has no job, bring her to your business line. Teach her everything she needs to know about the business.

 You can find her potential through her talent, use this information to point out a good source of income for her. If you do this for her and she makes progress, trust me, you will never forget her for the rest of her life. She is very happy. This will help you to avoid some responsibilities. Now she has a good source of income so she can always support her family in her own way.

 I believe there are some good reasons to stop giving money to your wife or girlfriend on a regular basis, instead, you can now turn the money into a popular source of income for the woman you truly love.

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