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Twitter Detectives Find Okuhle Happily Ever After With Her Boyfriend She Dumped On Uyajola 9/9

Sunday nights belongs to Jub Jub and his Uyajola 9/9 crew, they take on cheating cases brought to their attention as one partner who is u happy in a relationship writers to them and ask for help in finding out if indeed the other partner is cheating.

A you g lady from Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape by the name of Okuhle write to the show complaining about her boyfriend Asakhe, she says she stays with her man, they share the same room and she found some hair and fibre in their room, she said she also noticed a smell of a perfume on their sheets.

"I found some hair in our room, I noticed a smell of a perfume which is not mine nor his on our sheets, I found fibre which makes me suspicious this has been happening for a while maybe around April, I need you to help me get to the bottom of this once and for all," she said.

After seeing the pictures, she was heart broken as they were heading to where Asakhe and his other woman were, she was breaking down not even saying a single word to Jub Jub while they were going for confrontation.

When they arrived, they found Asakhe and his other woman at a Cellphone Shop and Okuhle was fighting everyone, she hit Asakhe and the girl and they were separated by the protection officials who travel with Jub Jub.

Asakhe was swearing and insulting Jub Jub, he was showing no remorse, he was held while trying to get to Jub Jub.

"Hey Jub Jub, what rubbish is this? What are you doing? What no sense is this? Let me go bro, go away," he said

After all that happened inside the shop. They went out to the bus, the other girl said she didn't know, she promised that she with stays away from Asakhe as she confirmed that they were dating.

"I didn't k ow he has a woman, he comes to my place and I go to his place, I once noticed a pink suit case in his room and I got worried about it but he told me it was his," she said before she went away and got into a taxi.

After the show, Twitter went on to investigate and discovered that Okuhle and her boyfriend seem to be happy after they broke up on the show, she posted a picture of her and her man on her Facebook account where they looked very happy.


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