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Men reveal the main reason why they lie to their partners when they get caught

It is in our nature to always justify our wrong doings when we get caught. Those justifications are nothing without lies. The biggest reason to formulate those lies is to try and get out of a difficult situation but others will give you more different reasons as to why they have to lie after being caught doing something which is not right.

Shaelynn Miller used to share some of the things that liars have in common. He stated that liars are insecure, they are controlling, they like to hide their feelings, they can be good listeners, they are hurting inside and more.

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Today I went through some of the points that were discussed by men themselves on social media when explaining their reasons for lying and I realised that they are somehow connected to what Shaelyn said.

There is a man who stated that they have to lie because women find it hard to handle the truth. He is aware that lying is not a good thing but sometimes they are forced to do so in order to protect their partners even though it will break them even more when they find out they have been fed another lie. Another man also made a similar point and added that a lie is meant to ease the situation and it is something that women should accept.

Someone known as Siyabonga said men lie because being caught is not a part of the plan and it hurts to lose someone that you care about, so a lie is there to make sure that they stay.

It seems as if they all have a common reason for lying which is to protect their partners from the truth and thereby saving their relationships. Shaelyn did mention that liars are hurting inside which means they will do anything to avoid the consequences of what they have done. This could be the reason why all the guys on social media said they are lying to protect their relationships.


I do understand that they are lying in order to save their relationships, but what they might be failing to consider is that when someone lies, he will have to make up another lie to cover up the first lie and that cover up lie will need another lie and eventually the who relationship will be based on lies.

There is a phrase which says "Rather hurt me with the truth than comforting me with a lie." This means the truth will only hurt her once whereas the lie that you are comforting her with will soon be discovered and matters will be made worse.

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