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Check out the African tribe who value pot-belly men more than men with six packs

Located in southern Ethiopia, the Bodi clan is a large family. In Africa, they are one of the few tribes that still adhere to their ancient way of life. The batter method of trading is still used, despite the fact that it has been disfavored for a very long time. 

With the exception of a few of the clan's bigwigs, calling members' names from outside the clan is not permitted. It is not acceptable for persons getting married in the clan to get close to oneself in public. 

Males with port bellies are preferred by the ladies in the club over men with six packs. Most of the time, they are seen during the Ka el function, which is their festival. It is customary for them to celebrate it during June. It is the clan's custom to introduce one single guy for the competition from each of the fourteen households who make up the clan. The qualified guys will then begin to prepare for the competition, and they will not be visible outside during this time. In a single serving, they will consume both blood and cow milk. Any contestant who spits blood may be disqualified from the competition entirely. 

In preparation for the competition, they will cover themselves with cinders and mud and walk around trees as the officials examine them closely to see who is the fattest of the bunch. Every champion will be the heaviest man on the planet, and he will also be awarded with the right to marry one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet.

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