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Theft robbery

If you received this message on your phone Today, Please Do not respond to it, see the reason why

This email, which purports to provide a free car in exchange for your personal information, was most likely created by con artists. Therefore, you shouldn't even bother responding to them if they ask you a question.

I gave him my name and number so that he could use it as a personal reference when he called to notify me that I had won the automobile. My suspicions were piqued when he requested my Social Security number and information on my bank account; hence, I inquired as to whether or not I might hold off.

In this day and age, when identity thieves are constantly coming up with new ways to steal your information, you should never give out your personal information to an unknown person over the phone. This is especially important to keep in mind. Since then, I haven't been picking up the phone when he calls.

Scammers make frequent use of this tactic, with the most common variation of the scheme proposing that the victim receive a phone along with two T-shirts in exchange for supplying money for airtime.

Do not respond to any text messages formatted in the 079/082 number range or similarly. When you need to get some work done while you're in the office, using a landline rather than a cell phone is the way to go.


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