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In Scandal: If Boniswa Want To Be Mrs Mamba This Is What She Must Do

If Boniswa Want to be mrs Mamba this is what she must do

Boniswa's strategy might work out for her. Dispite being secret agent she can still stand a chance of finding happiness after the death of her husband and boyfriend.

Xolile come up with a plan of placing Boniswa in Mamba's house just so sje cam get enough evidence on the disappearance of Romeo. No body knows where is alRpmeo or heard anything from him since the lay he went to see Mamba.

Mamba is a strong with lots of power and influence. He only have eye on his helpernknown as Lizzie.

Aya who is the daughter of Mamba shiwn some interest in Boniswa. We've seen how easily she get around Boniswa. She discrete everything that her step mom Violetta. She then went beyond that she want to destroy theit relationship.

On last Fridays episode Aya encourage Boniswa that if she want to Win the heart of heŕ father there's only one way out which she need to do which id to sleep with him.

 It seems like the only thing that Boniswa need to do is to keep on doing her job while on the other hand sleeping with the boss.

She not only doing it for herself but also for Aya. Aya find bound in Boniswa better than Violetta. She will faint the day Boniswa will tell true about herself.

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