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Opinion: I Thought She Was My Best Friend Until I Found Out That She Has Been Doing this to my Husband

Love them all, but don't put your faith in any of them. This is what I've learned from my own experiences." We all know this, yet we still fail to put it into practice since there are people we trust like they are our blood even if they aren't.. For the most part, it's our closest pals who are the ones to whom we've confided. My own family may turn against me at any given time. Only you and your mother have your back no matter what. You can only rely on yourself for support.

I grew up with a best friend, just like every other girl. We parted ways after high school because we needed to focus on our careers to ensure our futures. Our relationship blossomed in our first year at Pretoria, and we were married three years later. Nothing has worked out for her, despite her best efforts. She's been seeking for a new job for the last four years after working at Shoprite for two years after graduating from college. Her inability to acquire a job in the last few years is a result of this.

In the past two weeks, she inquired whether or not I could house her while she was doing an internship in Pretoria. I felt as if I had known her for a long time when she won. My scheme has the blessing of my husband. Her arrival was almost excruciating because I had waited so long for her.

Everything appeared normal for the first two weeks, but by the third week, I saw that she had lost a lot of her joy. The only thing our pranks did was make her smile and then turn away from the situation. When I asked him about it, he corroborated her manner, and so did she. When he asked a follow-up question, my suspicions were reinforced. " My friend's departure date was queried, and I responded, "Yes, please." She's been a fixture in the neighborhood for so long." We all know this to be true. In the end, he didn't answer at all.

She just packed her things and announced her departure the minute she found a place to rent the following day. In contrast, she insisted on staying put until she was financially secure. In spite of the fact that she appeared to be flirting with him, I ignored it at the moment.

While he was taking a shower, my husband left his phone on the bedside table. I grabbed my phone and dialed their number to hear what they had to say. It blew my mind to see what I discovered!

Images of their conversations are shown below.

I had no idea she was going to try to seduce my husband when I accepted her as a boyfriend. She was plotting to stab me in the back when I asked her to stay. As a result of this experience, I decided that I would never again put my trust in another human being. I don't see the point of having a second best friend for me.

As for me, I'm in a state of utter rage at the moment. I want her to take care of everything. I don't think that's a good idea.

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