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Divorce Affair

He disappeared with side Bae for a weekend, and sent this to his wife.

It's not even a surprise that people cheat in their relationships these days, fo sure it hurts being cheated on but most people learn to live without the other person and they just accept that they are not together anymore.

Well there are some people who seem to be really good at doing these things, and for one to cheat they must be really good at lying, and that's why we often hear people who have been cheated on, call the people who cheated on them liars.

Well there is one man who has been going viral on social media, especially Facebook. There's a very funny story behind him going viral on social media. It's said that the man went on a trip with supposedly the women he's cheating on his wife with.

Well after the weekend passed it seemed he had no explainination that he wanted to give his wife, so he decided to hire a guy to photoshot pictures for him, and he sent them to his wife. One of the pictures was of a photoshopped image of him waiting for a bus to get fixed. Second one is of him dressed as a sangoma, and behind him it's a traditional hut, obviously the image is also photoshopped.

Well a lot of people find this very amusing and honestly it is, the extent that he went to trying to save his relationship is actually kind of sweet, and if it was the movies it would have seemed like he cares about his wife.

But, in the end it seems like he got his wife to believe that he was a sangoma on that weekend. There is a conversation of him showing his wife the images and it seems the wife thought he was lost and the wife seems to have believed what he told her.

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