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As A Man Don't Be To Quick To Tell A Woman These Three Things

Women's emotions are often stimulated more by what they hear than by what they see, according to research. The things a man says to a lady at different stages of a relationship should be carefully considered and chosen.

Every connection has three zones: the zone of suspicion, the zone of confidence, and the zone of familiarity. Any relationship's familiarity zone is the most intimate level of intimacy where trust and confidence have been established. It is at this point that a man can speak freely to his partner because he is confident that he has earned her love, trust, and confidence.

Certain things should not be shared with a woman when the relationship is still in the phase of suspicion and confidence, or when a man has not yet entirely won the certainty of love and trust of a woman, so that he does not become vulnerable if and when the relationship fails later on.

The following is a list of three things you should avoid telling a woman too quickly.

1. Don't be too quick to confess your feelings to her about your feelings for him. Declaring your love for a woman when you aren't certain that the germ of love is also blossoming in her is a potentially hazardous move. Because women are emotional beings, taking the attitude of confessing your love to her when you are not yet certain of her feelings for you may merely result in the development of coerced emotions that are not a necessary evidence of romantic passion. Allow the seed of love to grow in her until it germinates and becomes obvious before you can confidently declare your feelings to her about your feelings for her. It is more secure to do things one step at a time.

When you and your partner are first starting out in a relationship, don't be too eager to ask her to be your wife or girlfriend, especially if you aren't familiar with her true personality. Be patient and take the time to get to know the lady's personality before asking her out. Most women exhibit characteristics that you may not be able to condone, but which some other men may be able to.

3. Unless she is your wife, refrain from telling her about your earnings too soon. Make no assumptions or predictions about a woman until you've paid her bride price and performed the requisite traditional rites on her behalf. Informing her of your money, particularly if you have a significant income, may cause her to consider you as the solution to her financial issues, which may be the sole reason she wishes to remain in your company.

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