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Woman accuses her cousin of facilitating a relationship for her husband with another lady

When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. But when two women fight, it becomes a spectacle.

Two cousins are not seeing eye for eye and they have decided to go the legal route to sort out their differences.

A woman has dragged her cousin to court for facilitating a relationship for her husband.

Dorcas Matika told the court last week that she is being terrorised by her cousin, Enniah Bonde, for beings friends with her husband’s mistress.

Both cousins own businesses in Mutare and instead of trading business ideas, they have been exchanging harsh words.

Matika owns a boutique while her cousin owns a restaurant.

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It has been reported whenever they bump into each other in public, a fight ensues.

Bonde has long been friends with the woman at the height of the tension, Selina Mashava. She said she is not the one who facilitated her husband's relationship and she can not stop being friends with Mashava because of the illicit affair.

Matika told the court that she heard Bonde wanted to burn down her boutique to spite her.

A protection order was granted and Bonde warned against burning down the boutique.

Source: The Manica Post Fri, 20 May 2022

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