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Wisdom: Get Her To Like You By Using These Smart Strategies To Impress Her.

Once again, thank you for visiting my channel. Throughout today's article, we'll go over seven strategies for impressing a lady and winning her affection.

1. Hold a conversation:

As a guy, you're more likely to think of huge, heroic acts initially, so this isn't exactly a strange concept, nor is it one that you'd think of right away. Truth be told, however, being able to hold an intriguing, intellectual, and, hopefully, stimulating conversation with a girl is enough to make a good first impression.

2. Don't be concerned about your social standing:

It's not something that most young women are concerned about. What actually matters to girls is their attitude, their self-confidence, and their personality. In other words, if you approach that girl who is considered out of your league in an interesting way, you can well find yourself on her radar in no time.

3. Remember that everything is not a competition:

You are not required to be the best at all times. One of the most irritating things a female can encounter is a guy who is constantly gushing about how superior he is to everyone else - in everything. Maintain your chivalrous demeanor. It is not necessary for you to slay a dragon or save them from an evil monarch. Simply opening the door for them, pulling out their chair, allowing them to wear your coat if they're cold, or taking their hand to assist them out of the car or down those potentially dangerous stairs can suffice. And, if you could, please use some good manners. Bumping into things, farting things, and other juvenile boy-like activities do not elicit any positive responses from females. They find these actions to be vulgar, unpleasant, and downright disgusting in the vast majority of cases.

4. Get along with her friends:

Nothing captures a girl's attention more effectively than a guy who is having a wonderful time with her group of girlfriends. Not only is the natural competitive instinct stimulated, but she can also see right away that you're likable and entertaining, which leaves a lasting imprint on her mind.

5. Put the focus on her:

Inquire of her for guidance. Inquire about things. Offer compliments on her responses, her beauty, a talent you've watched her demonstrate, or her new specs. Anything new about her or that attracts your attention is an excellent topic for expressing your admiration for her.

6. Be Yourself at all times: 

In the event that she discovers that you are not who she believes you to be, not only will it be embarrassing, but you will also lose some significant points in the game. If she doesn't like you for who you truly are, she isn't worth your time, and you should move on to find someone else. Women in your life deserve to be treated with respect. If a girl sees you with your mother or sister and notices that you have a nice relationship with them and treat them with respect, you have just increased your likability by a factor of ten. This does not imply being overly polite; rather, it implies being thoughtful and kind. If they see you playing with cousins and nephews and how much the children adore you, will they believe you? That's a significant number of bonus points.

7. Dress well:

This may be taken the wrong way by certain men, but keep this in mind: If you're a T-shirt and jeans kind of man, then go ahead and dress in T-shirts and jeans! The key is to wear tees and jeans that are clean, rather than unkempt or filthy. Avoid wearing jeans from a discount store or a thrift store. It is not necessary to wear a designer suit and tie (though if that is your style, go for it); all that is required is that you pay attention to how you appear. Being clean is really important, and this is true not only in terms of clean clothes. Showering, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, and so on are all examples of personal hygiene.

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